Membership and membership application

Applying to become a member of the Photographic Artists’ Association
The Association has members and candidate members. Both types of member enjoy identical services and privileges, rights and duties, with the exception that candidate members do not have a vote at Association meetings. All members are issued a membership card. Please note that the association provides information for its members mainly in Finnish.

Membership applications can me submitted twice a year, by the end of September and April. Applications are processed preliminarily by a membership committee appointed by the association’s Board of Directors. The board decides upon the acceptance of new members according to the rules of the Association.

Full membership can be granted to a person who has shown merit as a photographic artist. Merit can include participation in national and international juried or curated exhibitions, success in national or international art competitions, a completed degree in art, and solo shows in galleries.

Candidate membership can be granted to a person who has completed vocational art education (or, lacking formal education, proof of the acquisition of corresponding skills). Candidate membership may last a maximum of five years, during which time the candidate may apply for ordinary membership at any time.

Starting spring 2017 the applications can only be submitted through an electronic form, which will open in March!


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