Photographic Artists’ Association

The Photographic Artists’ Association was founded in 1988. It represents artists who use photography as the main vehicle of artistic expression.

The Association is a national organisation that promotes and supports Finnish photographic art and promotes the professional, economic and social interests of its members. Its activities consist mostly of the provision of information and counselling services for its membership and the organisation of exhibitions and other events involving photography.

The Photographic Artists’ Association serves as the expert body on questions relating to art photography both for the private sector and for public bodies. The Association maintains the oldest and most prestigious photographic gallery in Finland, the Hippolyte Photographic Gallery in the centre of Helsinki. In addition to mounting monthly changing exhibitions, the gallery also sells work by the members of the Union. The Association organises an annual photographic sales exhibition, regular gallery exhibitions as well as thematic shows in Finland and abroad.

The Photographic Artists’ Association has nearly 400 members. The Association decides on new members annually at its autumn meeting. Prospective members must submit a completed membership application form complete with appendices and portfolio to the Association office by the end of September. The membership committee processes the applications and presents them at the autumn meeting. For more details, please see membership application.

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